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Create strong, safe and secure passwords for windows, Facebook, User accounts or anything. Get tips on how to create a strong password easily.
Why use a Strong Password?
A strong and secure password is crucial for the safety of your accounts these days. MyStrongPassword.com provides the easiest way to get secure & strong passwords which can be easily memorized.

The evolution in Technology is rapidly growing with new ideas and services. But when you come across anything with is related to credentials, the only way to secure your-self from hackers or an online theft is to have strong & safe passwords. Your bank accounts, Facebook, email accounts, Home Wifi, your PC and many other facilities stay protected and safe with the letters you choose secretly for protection. You need to have phrases which can’t be guessed by anyone and easily memorable at the same time.

This is where MyStrongPassword.com comes to help you to give you plenty of random secure pass phrases with tips on how to keep them in mind also. Always remember that a weak password can expose your privacy in many ways which could lead to your harm. Stay safe and protected with strong and secure passwords. Use MyStrongPassword.com frequently to get secure passwords accordingly.
Is This Safe?
MyStrongPassword.com is an easy to use online password generator. MyStrongPassword.com allows you to create random passwords that are secure and difficult to crack or guess due to an optional combination of lower and upper case letters, numbers, special symbols.

MyStrongPassword.com has no database to store passwords. All passwords are generated using Scripts and are temporary, so you are safe to use password generator.
Strong Password Guidelines
A strong password:
  • has at least 15 characters;
  • has uppercase letters;
  • has lowercase letters;
  • has numbers;
  • has symbols, such as ` ! " ? $ ? % ^ & * ( ) _ - + = { [ } ] : ; @ ' ~ # | \ < , > . ? /
  • is not like your previous passwords;
  • is not your name;
  • is not your login;
  • is not your friend’s name;
  • is not your family member’s name;
  • is not a dictionary word;
  • is not a common name;
  • is not a keyboard pattern, such as qwerty, asdfghjkl, or 12345678.
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